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I’d consider myself an intelligent woman. I’m well read and can make sense out of most things.

In my job I have to make intelligent, logical decisions and manage multi-million pound budgets based on these decisions. 90% of the time I make the correct decision, based upon logical estimations.

I do this for a living…so why am I so gullible?

If someone presents me with something I know nothing about, and I think it’s within the realm of possibility, I’m likely to believe it.

One person in particular has cottoned on to the fact that I’ll almost believe anything, and toys with me purposely. It doesn’t help that he knows loads of stuff about loads of things that I don’t bother with, making his task of making himself laugh, at my expense a lot easier than it should be.

I’m not a complete idiot. I knew he was winding me up when he told me:

  • J-Lo died in a car crash, but there’s a media blackout, that’s why no-one’s been talking about it.
  • Star Wars is based on a true story.
  • Beavers don’t just eat wood, they eat cars too.

I have, however, been duped into believing some pretty preposterous notions (these are in the last month… this has been going on for 10 years, the full list would be too long).

  • Michael Caine is originally Spanish (rationale: he could have come to south London very young).
  • Sir Frank Williams is in a wheelchair because a crocodile bit his legs off (rationale: It’s possible. We are scared of crocodiles BECAUSE they bite).
  • Guillermo and Beniccio Del Torro are brothers (makes sense, unless you know that they’re not).
  • All Guillermo Del Torro’s films are in Spanish, and set in orphanages (I’ve only seen The Orphanage and The Devil’s Backbone…both in Spanish and based in Orphanages…maybe that’s his ‘thing’).

The biggest of these was when we went on holiday in 2004. We were going to Tunisia. I’m scared of spiders. Two weeks before we left I asked him if the spiders in Tunisia were gigantic. His response:

“Ella, there are no spiders in Tunisia. You must know that. I thought that was why we were going there!”

Of course, I thought this was ridiculous. Spiders are everywhere. I told him I thought this was bullshit.

“No. It’s true. There are no spiders in Tunisia. Can’t remember exactly why it is, but it’s something to do with the heat from the Sahara. Google it if you don’t believe me.”

I believed him. I didn’t Google it.

Two weeks later we went to Tunisia. I didn’t think about spiders for the whole trip. On the last day, I saw a little dried up, spider skeleton on our balcony.

“Oi” I yelled “I’ve just found a dead spider. You told me there were no spiders in Tunisia!”

“Of course there are spiders in Tunisia, Ella. There are spiders everywhere. But have you worried about them at all for the last two weeks? No, you haven’t!”

So you’d think I’d be wise to these little games by now, but maybe I like believing that these odd little things are true sometimes…and all of them ARE possible.